Monerois a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that has become quite popular with anonymous darknet markets, since the currency is completely untraceable. This popularity has caused the value of the currency to grow exponentially over the last 18 months or so. As a result, it is quite profitable to mine Monero using CPU’s and GPU’s currently on the market. Here in this article, we’ll compare the best Monero mining hardware to maximize your Monero mining rig return on investment.

Best Monero Mining Hardware

So far, no one has developed a Monero mining ASIC. This is a good thing, since it would render CPU and GPU mining of Monero useless. The mining algorithm used by Monero is called CryptoNight (it is a POW, or proof-of-work algorithm) and can be mined with generally available PC hardware. To begin our comparison, we’ll list some of the best CPU’s for mining Monero and then move on to GPU’s.

Best CPU for Mining Monero

CPU’s are somewhat more limited in practical use for mining Monero than GPU’s since most motherboards don’t support 6-13 CPU’s (see ‘6 GPU Mining Rig Build Guide‘). However, CPU’s have some really good hash to power consumption ratios that make them worth a look if you’re already building out a GPU mining rig and have maxed out the number of GPU’s you can fit on the motherboard. Throwing a high-end CPU into the mix can further extend the mining capability of the supporting hardware you are purchasing.

The best CPU for Monero mining based on hash rate and power usage as well as cost is the This CPU has 16 cores and (as of the date this guide was written) costs somewhere in the $800-900 range. It will generate over $200/month in mining profits (after deducting electricity costs) and mines at 1,265 hashes per second while sipping only 180 watts of electricity. The challenge for CPU mining is, most motherboards that support the Ryzen Threadripper 1950x only support 4 GPU’s. Which brings us to our next list of Monero mining hardware: GPU’s.

Let’s take a look at the best GPU’s on the market capable of mining Monero efficiently.

Best GPU for Mining Monero

There are several great options for mining Monero on a GPU. The ideal GPU should have a good balance of cost, performance and power usage. Let’s compare a few.

  –  This GPU is a monster and crushes the numbers when mining Monero. It has a hash rate of 1800 H/s while only using 110-160w, depending on how much under-volting magic you’re able to pull off.  This blows away anything an Nvidia GPU is capable of, including the 1080Ti listed below.  I recommend this Reddit guide for optimizing the Vega for Monero mining.
Where to buy:  Amazon or eBay

NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti  –  The best option from Nvidia for mining Monero is the 1080 Ti. It has an impressive hash rate of 1,000 H/s and runs at 160W when mining. As you can see, the price/power/performance ratio isn’t nearly as good as the AMD, but if you can find it at a good price and power usage isn’t an issue for you (cheap electricity), this is a good option.
Where to buy:  Amazon or eBay

  –  This one is a classic in the crypto mining space. The chip architecture is older than all the other options listed on this page, but, it still outperforms many newer GPU’s. With an impressive hash rate of 1,100 H/s and power usage of only 110W, this is a strong contender for your Monero mining rig.
Where to buy: Amazon or eBay

6 GPU Monero Mining Rig Hardware List

Here’s a complete build list of Monero mining hardware I’d recommend if you were to build a GPU mining rig today.

EVGA 1200W Platinum PSU
4GB DDR3 Memory
Intel Core i3 4th Gen Processor
Cheap 120Gb SSD for OS/mining software
6 x AMD Vega 56 GPU’s
6 x PCI-e risers
Motherboard Power-on switch
Custom built open air frame

For more detailed information on assembling a 6 GPU rig, check out this guide.

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