About Ethereum: Beginner’s Guide to Ether, Ethereum Mining, Ethereum Investing, Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, Dapps and DAOs, and Profit Opportunities with Coins by Edward Harrod:

Ethereum – Beginner’s Guide to Ether, Ethereum Mining, Ethereum Investing, Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, Dapps and DAOs, and Profit Opportunities with Coins

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Heard of Bitcoin? By this time, you are probably aware of how big it became, and how the forecast proclaim that it could go up as much as $100,000 per coin!
Buying 1 bitcoin is now around $20,000. It is just too much of an investment for something you don’t know about. Oh well, when Bitcoin was around $500, no one believes it could grow bigger.

Let me tell you this. Cryptocurrency and bitcoin are here to stay, now that businesses and shops acknowledge them and they are being used as a payment method.

Thought you are late in the game? Fret not! There are other Cryptocurrencies where you do not need to sell your house to invest. There are many altcoins out there trying to make a mark in the crypto world like litecoin (ltc), ripple, and dash. There’s also bitcoins (btc). With a variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from, it can be intimidating to make a pick. Oh, what to choose?

One of which is Ethereum. It is said to be the next crypto that will pave a way after bitcoin. It’s one of those made with an open-source protocol for creating decentralized applications. And it’s programmer Vitalik Buterin, is just a genius human being that ethereum is now considered world’s second-most valuable cryptocurrency network behind Bitcoin.

Although it may had have falls in the past—like a pool of hackers breaking in the system—which made it undervalued, tuning in to predictions, it is beginning to rise again. With it being made in the blockchain technology, there is potential for profitability and capitalization.

Ethereum is a network that utilizes its own crpyto called ether (eth), so it may not be wise to call Ethereum a cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, it is the most used term. With Ethereum, transaction and currency exchange like USD is faster and safer. It uses a technology different from other altcoins. To give an overview, here are some key differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin:
1. Ethereum’s hashrate is faster than Bitcoin.
2. Ethereum’s coinbase is larger than Bitcoin due to its high cap in coins.
3. Due to forking, Ethereum has many forks than Bitcoin; this means that there are more variations in Ethereum than Bitcoin, thus more diversity.
4. Ethereum has become a promising competitor for Bitcoin due to forecast and chart having a prediction on Ethereums continued increase in value, higher than gold!
5. More American and multi-national companies are supporting Ethereum than Bitcoin. Some government are beginning to take interest in it too.
6. Mining a block is easier than Bitcoin due to a faster rate.

If you want to catch up with the latest trends in Ethereum, then you should buy this book. With it, you’ll be able to learn terms and concepts such as:
1. cloud
2. gpu
3. eos
4. forking
5. ledger
6. hash
7. rig
8. ico
9. scrypt

Company like Kraken are beginning to offer Ethereum services to clients. With specialized hardware like ASIC, it’s easy to become a miner in Ethereum. Learn how to secure your data from hackers and prevent a crash.

In the coming years, a shockwave of investors will be coming for Ethereum. If you want to invest in it now, then buy this Ethereum Book and start learning about it today.

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Author Bio:
When human beings found out about a new thing, they usually push it off, and try to dismiss the idea. It is not uncommon for them to believe first hand. It is the same for Edward Harrod. It took him months and months of reading about this new thing they called Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

For him, it’s just sound scammy. It’s like selling air for thousands of dollars. Edward has an obsession in learning new things. One of his new discoveries is the World of Cryptocurrency. He studies it thoroughly and decided to try to invest himself. And he found that all of the speculations are true. Cryptocurrency is definitely a breakthrough in the World of money, finance, internet and digital coins.

With all the different coins coming out like Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Neocoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and all other altcoins; it is getting harder and harder for newbies to follow through.

He wanted anyone who has the interest to learn these coins to get the information they need. So he would share with you what he has learned, and will even explain it to you the easiest way possible.

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