TokenPay completes acquisition of 9.9% of Germany’s WEG Bank

TokenPay, a decentralized and self-verifying payment platform project today announced that it has officially closed a deal with WEG Bank AG, located in Berlin, Germany. Share certificates representing 9.9% of the equity interest in WEG Bank AG have been transferred to TokenPay Swiss AG, along with options to acquire an additional 80.1% of the bank upon customary […]

Is TokenPay Partnering with Verge (XVG) a Real Deal?

Is TokenPay Partnering with Verge (XVG) a Real Deal? The whole excitement on this matter initiated with the first crowdfunding introduced by Verge (XVG). The team specified through Twitter the reason behind their request that they want the said amount to get an essential partnership. The excitement that they carried out in the public did […]

Litecoin [LTC]’s Charlie Lee to back TokenPay in exchange for WEG Bank acquisition

On July 10th, Founder of the 6th largest cryptocurrency, Charlie Lee announced a partnership between Litecoin and TokenPay wherein the previously acquired 9.9% of the WEG Bank by TokenPay was moved to Litecoin Foundation. In return, Litecoin Foundation will provide TokenPay with its high-tech blockchain services along with intense marketing support to back TokenPay, its […]

TokenPay [TPAY] speaks up: Clarity on 10% stake in bank, Token Suisse and more

On 16th July, TokenPay CEO Derek Capo, ran a live YouTube broadcast on TokenPay’s official channel to speak about TokenPay as a platform, his former business called eFin, his days as an entrepreneur, failures and more. This is in response to Bitcoin influencer Tone Vays‘ recent Twitter castigation of TokenPay and Litecoin partnership, the respective […]

Bringing Crypto to the Masses: Litecoin and TokenPay Form Strategic Partnership

@LTCFoundation and @TokenPay have entered into a strategic partnership to buy a stake in a German bank, WEG Bank AG. We plan to work on many exciting consumer-driven crypto solutions. Stay tuned! 🚀 TokenPay also announced that their partners at TokenSuisse will integrate Litecoin into their German banking platform (WEG AG), their merchant services platform, […]

TokenPay Acquires German Bank, May Lure Verge (XVG), Litecoin (LTC) Into It

TokenPay, a large contributor in the crowdfunding that see Verge (XVG) partner with Pornhub has successfully acquired a stake in a Munish based WEG Bank AG, in Germany. And there is possibility that the firm may lure Litecoin and Verge into the partnership. The deal, according to TokenPay, is officially closed, and the shares have been […]

Strategic Partnership Announced Between TokenPay and Litecoin Foundation

In May 2018, TokenPay Swiss AG joined with WEG Bank in Germany. The former attained a 9.9 percent stake in the bank, along with the option to purchase as much as 90 percent, pending regulatory approval. On July 10, 2018, that 9.9 percent stake has been transacted to the Litecoin Foundation in exchange for a […]

Litecoin Foundation and Tokenpay Acquire Stake in German Bank

Tokenpay Swiss AG has officially confirmed that it has acquired a 9.9 percent stake in WEG Bank AG in partnership with the Litecoin Foundation. The terms of the agreement will also include options to purchase approximately 90% overall of the bank, pending the customary regulatory approval. Litecoin Foundation and Tokenpay Acquire 10% of German Bank Tokenpay […]