Global financial consultancy firm with over 80,000 clients in at least 100 nations, deVere Group, has announced that EOS and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) have now been added to its newly launched crypto exchange app, deVere Crypto.

The current addition to the app indicates that service users, which also support fiat GBP, Euro, and USD, can now purchase, sell, exchange, and store the two digital currencies alongside other coins such as Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Core (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), Litecoin (LTC), Stellar Lumens (XLM), and Dash (DASH).

deVere Group founder and CEO Nigel Green commented: “The addition of Bitcoin Cash and EOS to the deVere Crypto app is part of our ongoing commitment to clients. The users of the app are demanding an ever-wider, diversified crypto portfolio as the crypto sector expands and moves even further into the mainstream.” 

“All the digital coins on deVere Crypto have different characteristics, strengths and values. As such these additions help to achieve portfolio diversification within this specific asset class and their individual traits make them useful in different ways for investors. I believe that there is no longer any doubt that cryptocurrencies in some form are the future of money,” Green explained after the app released earlier this year.

The group also published the findings of a recent poll wherein it found that 35% of high net worth individuals are already invested or will make investments in digital currencies before the year close. As per deVere, the over 600 respondents of the poll are some of their wealthy clients who presently reside in the UK, the US, the UAE, Qatar, Australia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France, and South Africa.

“This mainstream expansion is clearly evidenced by the fact that more than a third of wealthy individuals around the world – who are already likely to be successful investors – are telling us that they already have exposure to crypto or that they will have by the end of this year. The survey’s findings demonstrate that high net worth individuals are increasingly unable to ignore the huge potential of cryptocurrencies. There’s now surging public awareness of the value, need and demand for digital, global currencies in a digitalised, globalised world,” Green stated.

The CEO said that he is expecting broader understanding and awareness of the crypto industry which is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years “as the tech that underpins it further improves, as major corporations and financial institutions embrace it, and as regulation is further developed.” 


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