I’ve heard Steve Patterson say a few times—and it really resonates with me—that since the birth of Bitcoin Cash the sense excitement and innovation in Bitcoin Cash is similar to what it was like in Bitcoin in 2013 and 2014. The surprise and delight of finding out about innovative use cases of Bitcoin is back again and it is great to watch.

Since last August, lots of cool projects have launched and five of the most exciting to me are:


Yours is a social network that uses the Bitcoin Cash blockchain as a payments network. They are using the low fees on Bitcoin Cast to creating a system of micropayments that better incentivizes content creators to create better content.

In December, I did 12 days of my daily blogging on Yours, including a post on why their model is better than traditional social media: https://www.yours.org/content/free-likes-vs–paid-votes–3e607b15a3b5


Cointext lets users send Bitcoin Cash over SMS. It is still in beta and only available in 8 countries, but it is simple and useful. With no effort and no internet connection, you can access and send value across the world.

Being able to quickly send someone Bitcoin with just their phone number is a great way to get new people playing with and learning about Bitcoin.


Memo.cash is a social network on the blockchain. Every action you take from follows to posts are recorded on the blockchain. It is uncensorable and since it is public on a blockchain, it allows for third parties to develop cool add-ons.

It is only a month old, so it will be fascinating to watch as it develops, especially as it is facing competition from the next project on this list.


Blockpress is a very similar project to Memo. A social network (with a very similar look and feel to Twitter) built on the bitcoin cash blockchain. The design and UX of Blockstack is better than Memo which makes it a lot more enjoyable to use.

I don’t know enough about how the backend works on either, to have an opinion on which is better, but it will be fun to watch them compete and a great on-chain social network emerge.


Joystream is a BitTorrent client that uses Bitcoin Cash to incentivise seeders. When you are downloading, you pay a small amount of BCH and when you are seeding, you receive small amounts of BCH.

Before Joystream, there was no incentive for users to seed, being able to make small amounts of money means there are more people sharing more content.

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