Ethereum Price Predictions 2018: Cryptocurrency’s value could triple in 2018

Ethereum co-creator Steven Nerayoff says the cryptocurrency’s value could triple in 2018. Ethereum co-creator Steven Nerayoff said businesses in a wide variety of industries are starting to take note of what value ethereum’s protocol could offer them. Nerayoff attributes increased usage to ethereum’s ability to process transactions more quickly and cheaply than its rival. Nerayoff said increasing interest in cryptocurrency will stimulate value for ethereum in 2018, regardless of whether it overtakes bitcoin.

Ethereum co-creator Steven Nerayoff says increased projects built on the cryptocurrency could trigger a “flippening” in 2018, in which ethereum overtakes bitcoin. “What you’re seeing with ethereum is exponential increase in the number of projects — there are billions of dollars being poured into the ecosystem right now — maybe 10 times more projects this year than last year, which could easily lead to a doubling, probably a tripling in price by the end of the year,” Nerayoff said Monday on CNBC’s “Fast Money.” While bitcoin was designed to function as a peer to peer electronic payment system, ethereum was designed for smart contracts that execute when specific conditions are met. Nerayoff, who helped craft token sales for the ethereum project, said businesses in an increasingly wide variety of industries are starting to take note of what value Ethereum’s protocol could offer them.

“You’re seeing a tremendous amount of growth across a wide variety of industries. Fintech is actually the natural area, but now you’re seeing it becoming increasingly more creative — you find projects in the oil and gas industry, you’re finding government using it in their applications, you’re seeing it in gaming, all kinds of different areas,” Nerayoff said.

Beyond project building, Nerayoff said usage is increasing because ethereum can process transactions more quickly and cheaply than its rival. “People are actually using it for currency, as well,” he said. “Lower transactional costs are increasing usage of the entire network, and that’s increasing the network effects of it. There are more users, more projects being built on there and more programmers,” he said. Despite his confidence, Nerayoff isn’t discounting bitcoin and the interest in cryptocurrency it inspired in 2017. “The entire space is increasing. There is huge interest by the public and there are more areas in which the public can invest, even in bitcoin, so you could just see an expansion in the entire space,” he said.

Either way, when it comes to 2018, Nerayoff thinks ethereum is going to have a good year.

Ethereum price prediction: 2018, 2019, 2020

Ethereum is fast emerging as a major cryptocurrency. In the last few days, it has scaled new heights quite consistently. Also, in the calendar year 2017, it is risen by about 3600%. This is one of the main reasons why most of the investors are also looking at Ethereum as a long-term investment bet.

This brings us to the important question what can be the Ethereum price in the future. You need to understand that you have to look into the usability as well as the application of the cryptocurrency. When you are able to look at the usability and application of cryptocurrency, thereafter only it would become easier for you to understand how its value can appreciate. When you’re looking at Ethereum, you would realize that it is underlying capability that is it provides decentralized processing power as well as bandwidth. Owing to this very reason, Ethereum is much different as compared to the other tokens which are just a token for investment. This also means that the value of Ethereum would increase in the future.

In the current year that is 2018, it is predicted that Ethereum would reach around $ 2500. By the end of next year that is 2019, it is expected that Ethereum would be somewhere around $ 14,000. Similarly, by the end of the year 2020, it is assumed that Ethereum would be around $ 31,000.

Thus, when you look at the kind of returns which are expected from Ethereum, you would realize that it has a long way to go still.

Reasons why Ethereum can appreciate by a significant amount:

some of the reasons include:

  • Increasing application uses
  • more companies adopting decentralized cloud-based applications
  • increased usage of smart contracts

These are the 3 reasons why Ethereum is being more widely used. You need to keep in mind that when it comes to Ethereum, the more the platform is used, the higher would be the price of the token. Owing to this very reason, you can be sure that the value of Ethereum would increase in the future as well.

Also, it is expected to become the 2nd most valuable cryptocurrency according to the market cap. This is one of the main reasons why it would consistently appreciate as well over the years.

So, whenever you’re looking to invest in any cryptocurrency, it is a much better idea to look at the option of Ethereum. When you look at the option of Ethereum, you would realize that not only it has a strong application but also significant potential for appreciation.

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Fortune has published a story about the future of cryptocurrencies in general. Here is a summary of it to give a general idea:

The future of cryptocurrencies

7 Cryptocurrency Predictions From the Experts
Fortune convened some top cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, bankers, and others to chat about the future of digital money at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo. last week. A select group met at the Aspen Institute for a breakfast roundtable discussion on Wednesday morning.

Headliners on the panel included Balaji Srinivasan, CEO and cofounder of, a cryptocurrency startup that has raised more in traditional VC funding than almost other one. Another was Peter Smith, CEO and cofounder of Blockchain, a U.K.-based cryptocurrency wallet company that recently raised $40 million from GV, the venture capital arm of Alphabet, parent company of Google (GOOG, +0.22%). And Kathleen Breitman, CEO and cofounder of Tezos, a blockchain startup that this year raised more than $200 million in an initial coin offering, or ICO, and which counts celeb investor Tim Draper among its backers.

The crew of experts weighed in on everything from the longevity of Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency and blockchain, or cryptographically secured public ledger, to the latest trend of hosting so-called token sales to fund projects, especially on Ethereum, a rival blockchain to Bitcoin’s, to the future of a decentralized web. Here are some of the predictions we heard.

The future of Bitcoin and Ethereum

1. Bitcoin and Ethereum are here to stay.
Most people who are enthusiastic about cryptocurrency appear to agree that Bitcoin and its newer rival Ethereum have staying power, though they may be more bullish on one versus the other. “In terms of 5 to 10 years, Bitcoin and Ether will be around I bet,” Balaji Srinivasan told the room of more than 70 people.

Peter Smith said his company, Blockchain, which was early to Bitcoin, has only just started to warm up to newcomer Ethereum. In contrast, Mike Cagney, CEO and cofounder of SoFi, a personal finance company, said during a separate session on the main stage that he was hotter on the latter technology.

Bitcoin “has some purpose but its application for commercial transaction is limited right now,” Cagney said. “The blockchain and Ethereum, on the other hand, have absolutely fascinating infrastructure applications,” he continued, mentioning the possibility to overhaul title insurance, which involves policies related to real estate, as one example.

How many tokens and coins and blockchain protocols will eventually win out?

2. As yet unknown coins will hit the big time.
Bitcoin and Ethereum may have stolen the show at this point, but the innovation won’t end there. Expect more winners on the horizon.

Kathleen Breitman is hopeful that Tezos, her own blockchain bet, will fill a niche that solves problems with extant blockchains. In particular, she and her project’s developers are designing Tezos to automatically push software updates out to the network, thus, in theory, avoiding the divisive feuding over upgrades that has wracked systems like Bitcoin over the past few years.

No one can say how many tokens and coins and blockchain protocols will eventually win out, but the experts seem to think there’s room for a multitude. “It’s likely that another one or two dominant ones we haven’t seen yet in the market,” Smith projected. “Another really dominant coin could come out this year or next year.”

Frauds are happening, people are going to jail

3. Sure, people will get burned.
For the time being, token sales might seem like a fantastic way to raise a lot of money quickly and with few questions asked. Will this lead to riches for some? Undoubtedly—indeed, it already has. And rip-offs for others? Almost certainly.

Smith said he presumes that market manipulation and insider dealing is rampant among purveyors of initial coin offerings. “We’re cautious about it in the short term,” Smith said of his company. “But you have to temper that with the idea that every new technology is going to be like that in the beginning.”

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple and a former executive at Yahoo, voiced his less forgiving concerns about the sector on a separate panel. “Heavily regulated markets are typically heavily regulated for a reason,” he said. “Frauds are happening, people are going to jail.”

ICOs change all the Silicon Valley

4. ICOs will (eventually) give Silicon Valley and Wall Street a run for their money.
The days of making a pilgrimage to the homes of the holders of purse strings are coming to an end. In a world where anyone can participate as an investor online, physical location matters much less.

“It used to be you had to come to Silicon Valley, walk up Sand Hill Road, network with individuals,” Srinivasan said about entrepreneurs seeking funding, often strolling up a strip to the west of Palo Alto that long has been associated with venture capital firms. ICOs change all that.

Projects are already getting funded this Kickstarter-like new way. Breitman said she that when she set up Tezos’ token sale, she aimed to “get as many people who wanted to participate in the ecosystem to contribute.” The company raised more than $200 million to date and, according to her, more than 30,000 Tezos wallets have been opened.

ICO and Cryptocurrency Regulations

5. Regulations will stick.
Elena Kvochko, chief information officer of the security division at Barclays, said that her bank has had talks with regulators about Bitcoin, blockchains, and their ilk. The rule-sticklers appear to be open to the idea as long as “know your customer” laws are obeyed, although its still early days.

Meanwhile, as governments settle on sets of rules of the road, countries like Switzerland, Singapore, and Estonia are jostling to develop frameworks that easily accommodate the new technology, Srinivasan said. They’re seeking to displace geographic incumbents and become hubs for a new wave of business financing. “If you’re a U.S. person or business, you have a good deal to be concerned about,” Smith said.

Breitman added that until the rules are agreed upon, it’s “best to be transparent” about what one is doing.

Price Speculations

6. Speculation will subside as “killer apps” take hold.
As cryptocurrency prices fluctuate wildly, speculators have been having a field day. However, there’s reason to believe the markets will become more stable, as Bitcoin gradually has over the past couple of years (despite its still big price swings), Smith said.

In order for these computer coins to catch on big-time, they need a use-case that beats traditional money. Ideally, this ought to be better than merely “buying drugs,” as Jeff John Roberts, Fortune reporter and the session’s moderator, noted.

Srinivasan proposed one possible scenario. Imagine that “all your waking hours are spent in the Matrix,” he said, referring to a virtual reality in which everyone is enmeshed in the future. As people from all over the world meet and interact, they will need a medium of exchange. “To transact, you can’t just hand over a dollar bill,” Srinivasan said. “You need an international currency for that.”

“It might take a while but there’s going to be more of a need to transact across borders than there is today,” he said.

7. Cryptocurrencies will pressure incumbents to improve.
Whenever a consumer swipes or dips a credit card, payment processors charge a fee.

Nicko van Someren, chief technology officer of the Linux Foundation, pointed out that the fee companies like Visa or Mastercard charge exceeds the cost to clear or settle transactions. These businesses can potentially process transactions quicker and cheaper, he contended.

One potential outcome of the adoption of alternate systems, like Bitcoin, is to provide companies with the impetus to improve their services. “Bitcoin is good because it will make banks move toward the real cost of handling these transactions,” van Someren said. (By extension, in Ethereum’s case, one could imagine upstart companies built on it forcing giants like Amazon, Facebook, or Dropbox to reconsider or improve their respective offerings.)

Smith, meanwhile, was less optimistic about incumbents’ ability to adapt to such change. “I don’t think be lot of room for banks to simply adjust their price models,” he said.

Public officials in Missoula County, located in the U.S. state of Montana, have decided to look into new regulations around cryptocurrency mining rather than seek to ban the activity entirely.

As previously reported, miners have been drawn to the region thanks to access to cheap electricity, but local concerns about power rate spikes and noise levels have pushed some residents to call for a moratorium. Many of the recent comments posted online include calls for a moratorium on mining access, citing the prevalence of loud fans and electricity-hungry operations.

Now, according to a message posted to the official website for Missoula County after a meeting on September 27, County Commission staff have begun developing specific rules for miners.

“On September 27, 2018, the Board of County Commissioners continued the public hearing on cryptocurrency mining that began on June 14. At the continuation of the hearing on September 27, following a staff report and public comments, the Commissioners voted not to adopt interim zoning, and instead directed staff to investigate the development of regulations targeting the impacts of concern such as noise, electronic waste, and energy.”

According to the Missoulian, some of those present at the  September 27 meeting pushed for a one-year moratorium, while legal representatives for one mining company challenged the ability of local officials to undertake such a step.

What shape those rules will take remains to be seen, but the focus on noise is likely to be significant, given the prevalence of that specific complaint in many of the recent comments posted online.

The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery in some cases, but in cryptocurrency, it’s generally the surest sign of a scam.

So I knew right away that something was fishy when I got an email last weekend with the subject line, “Your likeness on Coins Miner’s webpage.”

It was from the director of the enforcement division of the Texas State Securities Board—the state’s market regulator—alerting me to a video published by Coins Miner Investment Ltd. “that purports to depict you discussing bitcoin/cryptocurrencies.” Uh oh.

The email went on, “Can you please confirm that you are not a senior writer for Coins Miner and that you did not authorize Coins Miner to use the video on its website?”

This, I hoped, should have been obvious. The video, posted three weeks ago on YouTube and embedded on Coins Miner’s website, is a corrupted version of a short explanatory clip I filmed more than a year ago for Fortune, where I am a senior writer.

Ironically, the original title of my video, which is available both on and YouTube, is, “The Risks of Investing in Cryptocurrency.” Coins Miner had taken it, mashed it up with their own promotional materials, and superimposed their own logo over the Fortune watermark in the video. Check out the following screenshots:

Can you spot the difference?

At this point, I am confident that Coins Miner is not only risky, but almost certainly a fraud. Of course, there are red flags screaming scam all over the company’s website, such as its “about us” section, which reads, “Welcome To Coins Miner( The No.1 Leading Crypto Trading And Mining Platform). We Started Coins Miner Two Years Ago And We Have Been Paying Our Investors With Peace And Unity.” Now, it also seems likely that the authorities will shut it down.

I’m not, however, shocked by this scheme. Back in October, I got a LinkedIn message from someone asking if I was affiliated with the now-defunct, which was using my video on its homepage, and had uploaded it to the video hosting site Vimeo. At the time, someone in our video department had made a copyright complaint to Vimeo, which promptly removed the material.

False impersonations abound in the scammy underbelly of the cryptocurrency industry. Remember the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s public service announcement in the form of a spoof ICO website about “HoweyCoins?” That came after crypto sites started listing actor Ryan Gosling as one of their team members.

A few weeks ago, I also received a Facebook message from someone asking if I work at Nexusonemarkets. “The reason is because I have been investing in this blockchain platform and the assistant operation manager named Jen Wieczner has been attending to me and collected $10,900 so far from me,” the person wrote.

By the time I read the message, the Nexusonemarkets website was already suspended by its hosting provider. But I suspect they were pulling off a similar con using my name. (It’s exceedingly unlikely that this was an innocent case of mistaken identity. My last name, which originates in Poland, isn’t common—even with the proliferation of global social media platforms, I’ve never come across anyone else in the world with my exact name.)

The real irony, though, is that blockchain technology is supposed to enable us to gain control over our own identities; I can use a cryptographic signature to prove I am really me. Theoretically, I should be able to use the same methods to protect my copyrighted material—if YouTube had a blockchain on which my videos lived, the only way someone could gain access to my content would be if I authorized it.

Clearly, there’s a lot of work to be done before that will be possible. In the meantime, if you see me or my name attached to anything other than Fortune or The Ledger, stay away.

Send feedback and tips to, find us on Twitter @FortuneLedger or email/DM me directly at the contact info below. Please tell your friends to subscribe.

Bitcoin Cash (CURRENCY:BCH) traded down 1.1% against the US dollar during the 1 day period ending at 21:00 PM Eastern on January 25th. One Bitcoin Cash coin can now be purchased for approximately $1,667.56 or 0.14491500 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges including Korbit, Bleutrade, Bithumb and Luno. In the last seven days, Bitcoin Cash has traded 7% lower against the US dollar. Bitcoin Cash has a total market cap of $28.24 billion and approximately $489.46 million worth of Bitcoin Cash was traded on exchanges in the last 24 hours.

Here is how other cryptocurrencies have performed in the last 24 hours:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) traded up 0.1% against the dollar and now trades at $11,580.90 or 1.00000000 BTC.
  • Steem (STEEM) traded 0.3% higher against the dollar and now trades at $6.48 or 0.00056318 BTC.
  • PACcoin (PAC) traded 9.2% lower against the dollar and now trades at $0.0001 or 0.00000001 BTC.
  • Counterparty (XCP) traded down 5.2% against the dollar and now trades at $57.60 or 0.00496856 BTC.
  • Crown (CRW) traded down 2.8% against the dollar and now trades at $3.65 or 0.00031710 BTC.
  • Namecoin (NMC) traded 4.7% lower against the dollar and now trades at $3.89 or 0.00033749 BTC.
  • ATBCoin (ATB) traded 16% higher against the dollar and now trades at $0.77 or 0.00006654 BTC.
  • Unobtanium (UNO) traded flat against the dollar and now trades at $137.20 or 0.01192330 BTC.
  • CHIPS (CHIPS) traded 1.1% higher against the dollar and now trades at $0.47 or 0.00004110 BTC.
  • Terracoin (TRC) traded down 3.3% against the dollar and now trades at $0.32 or 0.00002818 BTC.

About Bitcoin Cash

BCH is a proof-of-work (PoW) coin that uses the SHA-256 hashing algorithm. It launched on August 1st, 2017. Bitcoin Cash’s total supply is 16,931,950 coins. The official website for Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin Cash’s official message board is Bitcoin Cash’s official Twitter account is @bitcolncash and its Facebook page is accessible here. The Reddit community for Bitcoin Cash is /r/Bitcoincash and the currency’s Github account can be viewed here.

According to CryptoCompare, “Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a hard forked version of the original Bitcoin. It is similar to bitcoin with regards to its protocol; Proof of Work SHA-256 hashing, 21,000,000 supply, same block times and reward system. However two main differences are the the blocksize limits, as of August 2017 Bitcoin has a 1MB blocksize limit whereas BCH proposes 8MB blocks. Also BCH will adjust the difficulty every 6 blocks as opposed to 2016 blocks as with Bitcoin.Bitcoin Cash is a proposal from the viaBTC mining pool and the Bitmain mining group to carry out a UAHF (User Activated Hard Fork) on August 1st 12:20 pm UTC. They rejected the agreed consensus (aka BIP-91 or SegWit2x) and have decided to fork the original Bitcoin blockchain and create this new version called “Bitcoin Cash”. Bitcoin Cash can be claimed by BTC owners who have their private keys or store their Bitcoins on a service that will split BCH for the customer.Specification”

Buying and Selling Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash can be traded on these cryptocurrency exchanges: CoinsBank, Bithumb, RightBTC, ZB.COM, OKEx, Quoine, CoolCoin, Zaif, Bitso, CoinExchange, BX Thailand, BitGrail, GDAX, Huobi, EXX, Lbank,, Liqui, ACX, BTCC, Coinfloor, Independent Reserve, Kucoin, CoinEgg, Bitbank, Gemini, WEX, BitMEX, Negocie Coins, Upbit, Coinsquare, Mr. Exchange, YoBit, Bitstamp, Bittrex, xBTCe, itBit, Livecoin, Bitonic, Coinrail, QuadrigaCX, Gatecoin, Bitfinex, BL3P, Luno, BTCBOX, Coinroom, Coinone, Korbit, Exmo, Kraken, Bibox, BTC Markets, LakeBTC, Paribu, CEX.IO, Coinnest,, GetBTC, BTCTurk, Cryptopia, Binance, Allcoin, Poloniex, Fisco, Foxbit, BitBay, Bleutrade, Bit-Z, Bitcoin Indonesia, Tidex, HitBTC and bitFlyer. Investors seeking to acquire Bitcoin Cash using U.S. dollars directly can do so using Gemini, Coinbase or Changelly.

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Bitcoin Cash Grab

Bitcoin Cash Grab Review: Scam App

Is it genuine that you are worn out on watching such an expansive number of auto trading traps wherever all through the web? Among the various traps, may be not a lot of are true blue. Another trap auto trading programming for cryptographic cash is Bitcoin Cash Grab. You are not going to benefit with this item. Their objective is essentially to get money from people. Our Bitcoin Cash Grab review urges you to maintain a strategic distance from this trap trading structure.

Bitcoin Cash Grab ought to be the best auto trading programming. If you need to benefit with this trading programming, that is just a dream. The dream which never transforms into a reality. So better to fight off partition from this kind of trading traps. Our further examination reveals that Bitcoin Cash Grab is just a malevolent programming for trading computerized types of cash.

Bitcoin Cash Grab Review ; What Is Bitcoin Cash Grab Software?

Bitcoin Cash Grab cases to be remarkable, motorized crypto trading application proposed to create useful without a moment’s hesitation trades the cryptomarket. Bitcoin Cash Grab should give you benefits by comprehension and resources increased through 40 years of undertaking in the money related markets. The cases made in the site can’t be legitimate since they have not given the character of the person behind the item. Everything is a lie. The over all look is especially captivating the eye and we could without quite a bit of an extend fall into their trap. Who wouldn’t care to benefit? They should give present day and simple to utilize trading condition. In all actuality, the overall public behind this item are veritable criminals. They have to benefit as they can and thereafter the site itself vanish.

Bitcoin Cash Grab Review

These swindlers, who are cheats can’t reveal their genuine character since they are giving counterfeit assurances of making you big shot fast. Cryptographic cash trading has ended up being to a great degree pervasive late days. Trap programming like Bitcoin Cash Grab are also progressing nearby it. Everything considered trading computerized money is veritable, yet not with Bitcoin Cash Grab. With no proper control and allowing, Bitcoin Cash Grab guides just toward strip people, promising to make people rich. Chaste people who trust them and contribute money are certified nitwits. Countless are placing assets into Bitcoin and distinctive computerized types of cash and benefitting genuinely. The creators of this item are benefitting and not the examiners. The whole site is a pack of deludes trap monetary masters.

How Does Bitcoin Cash Grab Software Work?

Clearly, the bitcoin cash grab application uses complex logical computations to discover and offer banners or proposed winning trades to customers, who might then have the capacity to get up to speed with the suggestion with a tick and advantage.

Suggested Forex Merchant 24 Option Review

24 Option Broker

In actuality if you have never traded, the auto trading stage is luring. In the site, it never indicates how the structure truly put the trades. You can’t simply hurl the money into essentially any piece of programming that offers computerized cash trading and make you rich. They have neither indicated the trading systems involved,the count they use and the markers. In Bitcoin Cash Grab site, no where is determined about the allowing and documentation. Without all these they can’t simply assemble money from people. In case you are a learner in cryptographic cash trading, better not to put your trade out Bitcoin Cash Grab. Close by trap encourages their desire is essentially to take money from people.

Apparently,these law breakers are backup with certain crypto middle people. You need to make a record with one of their favored experts, and need to contribute a base signify start trading with Bitcoin Cash Grab Software. These agents are phony and tricky. Since the auto bot is a trap, the creators of this item pick trap experts. Humble arrangements methodologies and a heap of lies. They have not said how the item makes money. Bitcoin Cash Grab writing computer programs is a misleading advanced cash trading trap.

Is Bitcoin Cash Grab Software Legit?

Bitcoin Cash Grab is being given away totally complimentary to the underlying 90 applicants on this site. This is the best lie! The way that, Bitcoin Cash Grab is a trap is, no where it determined how the item benefits. No experience is required with a particular ultimate objective to use the Bitcoin Cash Grab application, it is expected for new traders and fledglings who are planning to dive their toes into crypto trading and don’t know where to begin. This is to trap students. Simply email contact is given in Bitcoin Cash Grab site. Phone number is furthermore not given. In spite of the way that they claim to be a significantly helpful programming, there is no affirmation to show that the item is benefitting. They simply have a confined measure of Bitcoin Cash Grab licenses available, so they propose you quickly join. This is to trap people showing the item is looked for after.

If with few ticks for each day everyone can benefit, by then everyone in this world will be head honchos and extremely rich individuals. In addition, Bitcoin Cash Grab isn’t the most strong and viable advanced cash programming in the market today. Bitcoin Cash Grab is an exhibited trap.

Bitcoin Cash Grab Software – Testimonials

Tributes given in the Bitcoin Cash Grab site are generally fraud. They are by and large paid performing specialists from These people are paid to give fake tributes. They don’t have anything to do with the Bitcoin Cash Grab Software. If you use this item you can never buy expensive cars, immense houses and go for events. As a matter of fact, you will lose money. Whatever the fundamental hypothesis similarly you won’t get back. This is obviously a sham programming. Benefitting trading computerized cash is true blue yet not with this autotrader. You don’t need to spare your spot with this item since this is a trap programming. Before you start trading with any item, read the best number of reviews as you can. This will help you to stay way from cheats who are giving fake certifications of making you rich overnight. Trading isn’t a ‘get-rich smart arrangement’.

Bitcoin Cash Grab – Brokers

Trading with strong masters is basic. Since Bitcoin Cash Grab is a trap trading programming, they are undeniably joined forces with counterfeit middle people. It implies that problematic car merchants. Check the validness of the merchants beforehand you contribute your money with agents. Learning differing trading methods joined with the contribution in trading, you can benefit. The issue with twofold options and Forex/crypto trading people tend to get ravenous. These trap auto intermediaries are pointing such people who will succumb to salary sans work. We are here to help people to swear off falling for such traps. We have revealed such a substantial number of trap programming endeavoring to take money from people is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking any the content available in this website is totally RISK-FREE! Please also feel free to check out our signals page for alternatives which are generally are available worldwide unless specified. Thank you for reading this review.

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Key Highlights

  • ETH price traded above the $290 level and almost tested the $300 resistance against the US Dollar.
  • This is an ascending channel in place with support at $291 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken).
  • The pair is likely to correct lower in the near term towards the $286 or $285 support.

Ethereum price is moving nicely above $285 against the US Dollar, but stayed bearish vs bitcoin. ETH/USD may well correct lower towards $285 before resuming upsides.

Ethereum Price Trend

There was a slow and steady rise in ETH price from the $274 swing low against the US Dollar. The ETH/USD pair traded higher and broke the $285 and $290 resistance levels. There was even a close above the $285 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. The price climbed higher and it almost tested the $300 resistance zone. A high was formed at $298.31 and the price is currently correcting lower.

It is currently testing the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the recent leg from the $274 low to $298 high. More importantly, there is an ascending channel in place with support at $291 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. If there is a break below the channel support, the price may well test the $286 support. It represents the 50% Fib retracement level of the recent leg from the $274 low to $298 high. Additionally, the $285 level is also a decent support for buyers in the near term.

Looking at the chart, ETH price is placed nicely above the $285-286 zone. If it bounces from the channel support, it could retest the $298 high. Above the high, the price is likely to break the $300 resistance for a new intraday high. On the downside, below $291, the $285 and $286 levels are important supports.

Hourly MACD – The MACD is slightly placed in the bullish zone.

Hourly RSI – The RSI is currently correcting lower towards the 55 level.

Major Support Level – $286

Major Resistance Level – $298

The post Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH/USD Could Correct Towards $285-286 appeared first on NewsBTC.

bitPico, an anonymous group has recently declared that they are currently developing numerous “attack nodes” online with the focus on Bitcoin Cash (51% attack) and will create “multiple forks”. There was a rumor in March 2018 that bitPico was responsible for the DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks against the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s proposed layer-two scaling solution. bitPico, in a Twitter post, had claimed the accusation to be true and revealed that they had created a network stress tool for the Lightning Network.

This means that the anonymous group was testing the network in adversarial conditions and checking out its strength. bitPico had revealed to the press its intentions, “as people with investment into bitcoin, we want to make sure layer-two solutions do not get [overwhelmed] out of the gate.” The measure was appreciated by many and Andreas Antonopoulos, Bitcoin lecturer had said that this free testing would give them the opportunity to strengthen the Lightning Network.

bitPico, it seems, now has turned their attention to Bitcoin Cash (BCH), as per their Twitter post on 22nd June 2018. Their Twitter post read, “It’s time to determine how centralized @rogerkver really is and we are 100% confident we can split the network into multiple forks. Look forward to a 51% attack on the #bitcoin #cash chain this September.”

The next day itself, a Twitter post of bitPico read that the attack has already started and 5,000 “attack nodes” can be expected to run within the next few weeks. The stress test tool used by bitPico lately is also ready for “botnet deployment”.

Bitcoin Cash is quite vulnerable to hacking because nearly 85% of the Bitcoin Cash nodes are located in two data centers. BTC, compared to this is better equipped as it is Sybil proof and will protect unless 50,000 full non-pruned nodes are deployed.  But, the hack will not be accomplished so easily as all their nodes will have to validate bitPico’s payload.

Real World Stress Test

During the Bitcoin Cash Stress Test, the aim is to confirm millions of minimum fee transactions within 24 hours. The BCH Stress Test Day site said, “Such volume of minimum fee transactions will prove to merchants and businesses worldwide, and also to ourselves, that the BCH main network is capable of scaling on chain and is capable of handling such volume of transactions today.”

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has often been warned about the hard fork move and there have been allegations of instability, vulnerable to attacks and so on. However, Bitcoin Cash has till date defied all such critics and has climbed to the 4th position in the cryptocurrency rank list of This should say something about the most successful hard fork of Bitcoin (BTC).

The stress test welcomes anyone who is eager to participate and the cost is very less per head as it will be spread across the community. Bitcoin Cash has more or less been dismissive of threats like that of bitPico and Zeger has emailed to Bitsonline, “No, I don’t know anything about it. It seems like nothing, I’ve heard others say that the fellow has made other outlandish claims before that amounted to nothing.”

The stress testing date is scheduled for 12th September 2018, 12:00 UTC. In order to make this an annual event, the network has scheduled it before the BCH November upgrade. The aim is also to test apps, wallets and other services in stress. This way everyone will get useful data and they can use it to make further progress.

The testers assure that the capacity of the Bitcoin Cash network will be assured on that day and it will be a ray of hope for merchants, businesses and investors and they will be able to entrust the BCH network and its ability to scale on-chain. “You can also just like every comment on with 546 satoshi tip, or make lots of 546 satoshi donations to eatBCH.” Heck, chat up some buddies on the Kepyport app while you’re going about all the above, betting on “Satoshi Dice, Satoshi Bones or any other BCH online games.”

Price Details

The price of Bitcoin Cash, at the time of writing, shows approximately $753.18 USD (8.00%) while the market cap is nearly $12,956,527,343 USD. The volume (24h) shows over $574,268,000 USD. (As per June 2018 has seen some usual fluctuations with the price of BCH sometimes showing a negative slide. However, one can expect the price to rise in this year if Bitcoin Cash makes it through the stress test successfully.

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Another day, another Monero cryptocurrency mining malware hits unsuspected users worldwide – This one crashes your system once the anti-virus software attempts to delete it.

The IT security researchers at 360 Total Security have discovered a nasty piece of malware infecting Windows-based devices to mine Monero cryptocurrency by using their computing power (CPU) and slowing down its performance.

Dubbed WinstarNssmMiner by researchers; the malware was found conducting 500,000 attacks in just three days. What makes this malware nasty is its capability of crashing targeted machine once the anti-malware software detects and attempts to remove it.

According to 360 Total Security researchers, “this malware is acting snobbish when facing different antivirus software. It turns off antivirus protection of defenseless foes and backs off when facing sharp swords. As a result, users without a decent antivirus product have to live with the slowness and the blue screens of their computers.”

So far the malware has made over 133 Monero tokens which were around $26,500 (€22,487).

Interesting, the malware looks for decent antivirus solutions on the targeted system, for instance, Avast and Kaspersky. In case it detects any of these solutions it automatically quits its operation to avoid being detected but in case an anti-virus product detects and tries to delete WinstarNssmMiner it crashes the system.

“Though WinstarNssmMiner has the ability to deceive antivirus software. It’s in its nature still a CryptorMiner and its implementation is based on the open source project, XMRIG. It comes with four ming pool and is able to determine mining pool based on the parameters passed to it,” explained researchers.

XMRIG is a legit Monero mining software package however cybercriminals have been using it for malicious purposes. XMRIG was previously used in GTA 5 PC Mod, Oracle WebLogic Flaw, Jenkins server, Linux servers, and others platforms to mine Monero cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency investors and unsuspected users are urged to keep an eye on the security of their system and avoid falling for scams delivering WinstarNssmMiner type of malware. Just yesterday we reported on a new kind of phishing attack called MEWKit stealing Ethereum from MyEtherWallet. Stay safe online.

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